Great for Removing Silicone Greases

  • Quicker – Evaporates faster than citrus-based solvents.
  • Trusted – Approved by cable manufacturers.
  • Effective – Removes semiconducting residues and silicone greases.
  • Safe – No CFC, HCFC, chlorinated solvents, ozone-depleters, or carcinogens.
  • Tested – No residue, non-conductive, non-corrosive, exceeds IEEE 1493 standards.

American Polywater’s SpliceMaster® Type GP is a unique and effective replacement for 1,1,1, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, perchloroethane, and other chlorinated solvents. SpliceMaster® Type GP is a less hazardous alternative to perchloroethane, which has an extremely low TLV and other major health concerns. Type GP is an enhanced terpene-based cleaner engineered specifically for removing the semiconducting layer on medium voltage and high voltage electrical cables. It has a high dielectric strength and is excellent for cleaning and degreasing. It evaporates more quickly than pure citrus-based solvents and removes silicone greases from parking stations with ease.

It leaves no residue while exhibiting excellent solvency power on silicone and hydrocarbon greases, fluxes, varnishes, shield picks, adhesives, hand grime, and other organic soils. Type GP exceeds the IEEE 1493 cable cleaning standard, which is the benchmark in the electrical utility industry.

Type GP Specialty Cleaner comes in a variety of packages for convenient use. For cleaning large areas, bulk packages are available. For smaller jobs there are trigger sprayers, small containers, and individually-sealed presaturated towelettes. Separate dry towelettes are available for applying bulk solvent or to further speed evaporation.
SpliceMaster® Type GP
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
GP-1 Single saturated towelette 144
GP-D72 72-count wipe canister 6
GP-16LF 1-pint/475-ml bottle with flip top 12
GP-35LF 1-quart/0.95-liter bottle with flip top 12
GP-128 1-gallon/3.8-liter bottle 4
GP-640 5-gallon/18.9-liter can 1
GP-DRUM 55-gallon/208-liter drum 1
GP-T369 PEL-PAC® Kit -- 3 saturated towels in a tin 24
GP-T369/S PEL-PAC® Kit with sandpaper 24

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